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My story?

Well let me start by first saying “Hi”!

Thanks for being here and taking your time to check out our who I am and what I do.

I hope someday we get the chance to meet in person, over the phone or online. My story is a bit long and if you care to read all of it you will find out why I truly believe that the “Little Guy” can really make it BIG in life!

My name is Joel Peterson. I have six children! (Yes I did say six!) We live in Utah in the USA and we are just a normal, sometimes crazy! family that likes to have a lot of fun!

Having fun with 4 of the kids in Hawaii!

So where shall I start?

I guess I’ll start at the beginning…

I grew up in a middle class home in Utah with 6 brothers and one sister. Most of the time our family got by okay…we had a few years of prosperity but most of the time we were just getting by. My father taught me how to work. I am so grateful for this lesson. He used to tell me…

“Joel…the only way to get ahead in life financially is to do your own thing. You will never get rich working for someone else.”

So as a kid I took that advice to heart and…

…started a small family chicken farm and sold eggs door-to-door

…sold day-old donuts to college students for $1 a bag

…started a karate school in my parent’s garage

…sold Cutco Knives in high school

…installed “Door Viewers” in neighbors doors for $10 a pop

…started a mobile windshield repair business

As you can see I always wanted to do my own thing. Some worked out better than others. All were stepping stones and a learning experience.

I served a 2 year volunteer mission for my church in Toronto, Canada. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences in my life.

I returned home, headed off to college at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and started down the path of “Life” just like most people.

You know the saying...

“Life is what happens to you when you are making other plans?”

… Well that is exactly what happened with me. I had all these plans of living a “Dream Life” but “Life” got in the way. I’m not quite sure where it all started but probably just the fact of trying to pay the bills, go to college and take care of my family… somewhere in there my dreams kind of went away and I went into survival mode like a lot of people do.

Then I got this crazy idea that I would drop out of college and open up a full time karate school. I stopped going to class and soon got a letter from BYU that said…“Don’t call us…we will call you!” Funny. I guess that is what happens when you stop going to class! (Hey kids stay in school!…Especially my kids if you are reading this!)

A funny side note… Recently I was called by BYU to come speak to some students in an entrepreneurial class. I guess they finally called back!

So I dropped out of college to run a karate school and a windshield repair business. Funny thing though, I soon learned that when you own a Karate school you can’t make money when you are teaching half of your students for free!

I also learned that people don’t want their windshields repaired in the winter time! (That darn Utah snow.)

At the same time, we had our first child and my wife stopped working to stay home and be a “Mom”.

In a matter of months our income went from about $3,000 a month to about $600 a month.

So we had a problem. I’m a problem solver…that’s what men do, right?

My next idea was to raise Basset Hounds. Yes, dogs!

So here I am raising dogs, running a failing karate school and not repairing windshields. I’ll never forget it was just before Christmas and we were getting our dogs ready to sell before the holidays. My wife was in Europe with our daughter visiting her parents. I was alone… not having fun in Europe because of these dogs.

Then one day half of our puppies suddenly died. I remember my heart sinking into my chest and the feeling of…

"That was my house payment money. That was my food money…and now it’s gone!”

I remembered my wife calling me on the phone in tears saying:

“Please honey, go get a job. Please, please, please, go get a job.”

I was devastated and heart broken. Not only did I have to go find a job, but we had to declare bankruptcy. As I’m writing this the tears and emotions are flooding back. This was the lowest point in my life.

I swallowed my pride and got a job at the only place that would hire a college drop-out…

A chemical testing laboratory at a steel plant! Sounds glamorous, right? It’s wasn’t. I was making $9.50 a hour and risking my life every day. You see, one of the things I had to do was put on a hard hat, walk into the steel plant and take a sample of deadly cyanide gas. They taught me to hold my breath so I wouldn’t die! Yes, I could have died if I had accidentally breathed at the wrong time.

This is the Steel Plant that I would take poisonous gas samples at. I could have died!

Now don’t get me wrong. The people I worked with were some of the greatest people I’ve ever met. It was a respectable job, but it just had no future. I soon realized I couldn’t live on $9.50 an hour.

So what did I do? What everyone else usually does… Look for a job that pays a little more. I got a job in customer support at a computer company. Was it my dream job? No…but it paid the bills… barely!

After about two more jobs in the next few years, I finally got a position as a Software Tester for a medium sized software automation company.

I settled in with the dreams and hopes of sticking with them untill retirement and climbing the ranks. Who knows…maybe I could be a VP some day?

Almost 5 years later we had just finished a huge project and I was so proud of what we had done for the company. Heck, we had made them a lot of money with a new big client! Job well done!

I’ll never forget the day I was sitting in my cubicle just after a lunch break, and I watched my manager come get the guy sitting next to me and call him into his office. About 5 minutes later my friend was escorted out by security guards with his box of belongings. He had been fired.

I sat there in terror as watching over the next two hours as 19 of my 23 co-workers were let go in the same manner. I thought I was safe until my manager came and tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Joel we need to talk to you.”

I remember very vividly sitting in the office as I was being fired asking … “Why?

Can’t you just tell me why you are letting me go?” All they would say is, “It’s a business decision.”

I felt as if someone had ripped my soul out of my body. I cried all the way home knowing I was going to have to tell my wife what had just happened.

She was devastated.

Our dreams about working until retirement at that great company were dashed.

This same scenario happened two more times that year. I would find new employment with a start up company and they would go out of business!

I lost my job 3 times in one year!

This experience was not a healthy thing emotionally to say the least! I remember there were times when I HAD a job and I would come home early from work, open the door of our modest home and my wife would say to me… “Oh no! Did you get laid off again!”

Talk about a confidence booster!

We soon found ourselves in a mountain of debt again, living off of credit cards and borrowing money from family. We had already had a bankruptcy, so that wasn’t an option, and we just didn’t know what we were going to do.

I finally got another job at 3M as a Software Tester. It was a great company with nice people and looked to be something I could settle in for a long time.

But here is the thing… I had been down that path once before.

I was determined to get a PLAN B started so I would never be at the mercy of a company again.

Now I didn’t have a lot of money… and I didn’t have a lot of time… but I had the desire… I had a “Why” I wanted to get a plan B started.

My “Why” was my family. I wanted more time to be with them and enjoy doing the things I wanted to do.

I wasn’t happy with only 10 vacation days a year.

I didn’t like having to call in work and pretend to be sick just so I could go watch one of my kids perform in a school program during the day.

It was at that time I got a part-time business going.

Like I said, I didn’t have a lot of time but I FOUND the time… a little here and a little there.

I worked during my lunch hour and in the evenings after work. I started reading positive motivating books and working on my personal development.

Pretty soon I saw my little part-time business growing.

In fact it was growing so well that after a few years I was able to leave my job at 3M as I was making THREE TIMES my current salary!

THREE TIMES! I couldn’t believe it! I had never had that much money in my life. We were able to pay off all of our bills, build a nice home and start doing some fun things in life!

Here we are on a 32 day Motor Home Trip around the country. Lots of great memories were created on this trip!

Having a plan B has changed our lives forever!

We are no longer responsible or dependent on a “JOB” or “Boss” to dictate our future. Life is so different now. It’s so hard to explain sometimes the feeling of freedom you have when you do this. You really have to experience it… and then you will get it.

For a long time I think my neighbors thought I was a drug dealer or something because I was always home during the day. I mean who gets to do that?

Now 15 years have gone by and I’ve done all kinds of different businesses on the Internet and have had many successes and some failures…yes I still fail sometimes…it’s part of life.

I’ve done everything from paid advertising, affiliate marketing. I’ve created my own info products and software. I’ve had offices in India and the Philippines. Many people know me as the “Webinar Guy” but really my business has had many shifts over the years.

The one thing I’ve learned about an online business. It’s an easier road in the long run if you focus on long term residual income streams.

That’s why early on I focused on Network Marketing and have since built multiple six figure a year businesses…combining what I know from Internet Marketing and MLM.

How has it changed my life?

I’ve been able to travel the world having fun and helping people achieve their dreams.

This is me in Alaska with a 70lb Salmon I caught.


Here I am speaking on stage at one of my seminars


Traveling In India

White Water Rafting In Costa Rica


Getting recognized on state for being a top recruiter that year.

So if you have read this far… I’m guessing your big question is…”What exactly did you do to find success?”

So here is my answer…

Some of you are going to be disappointed cause I know you want me to give you the magic button on exactly what to do to make a million dollars.

What I did to have success is what hundreds of thousands of others have done around the world to find the same success…and that is…

“Take massive action and never give up on your dreams!”

You see there is not just one business for you or anyone. There are hundreds and hundreds of business you can do both online and offline.

So stick around and take massive action in your business and your life!


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